This website started its life as a place to support The Raksura Colony Tree, a community art project for the 2019 Worldcon in Dublin. This project grew to be successful beyond my wildest dreams, and even though it is now in the past, with memories and pictures left behind, it seeded the idea for what might be possible in the future.

Community art projects can take lots of different forms, and in addition simpler things like colouring pages or origami instructions can provide many of the same benefits if something bigger isn’t feasible. I intend this blog to be the place where we document what’s been done where, what has worked well and what could be improved on. Let us learn from the past and get inspired to try something new without repeating the mistakes that we didn’t know had already been made. Hopefully we will also be able to collect cool ideas for projects, and match them with the people who are able to make them real.

If you’re looking for information about the original Raksura Colony Tree project, you can find it here.