This project is a great opportunity to use up all those half-balls and sad lonely leftovers from previous projects. To start with, I pulled everything I thought I’d be able to use from my own stash and sorted it into different colour groups. Here’s my picks, to help you guide your own choices:


This will be the dominant colour. Lots of leaves, grass, lianas, young greens on the fields. I’m basically thinking “Tropical Rain Forest” – plants of all sizes and shapes everywhere!

Colours - Greens

Looks like I’m a bit short on saturated greens, but those are a start.


Tree trunks, walkways, dirt, roots, stones can be created with different shades of brown and grey.

Colours - Neutrals


There are quite a few mentions of water in the description of the colony tree – water falls, ponds, irrigation channels.

Colours - Blues


And to round it all out, here’s all the other colours of the rainbow – as accent colours, for flowers, fruit and everything else.

Colours - Accents

For example, I’m quite fond of the cone of technicolour thread on the upper left of that picture. Adding it to some green gives a nice sparkle to leaves!


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