Fields and Gardens in Canvas Work

I find Canvas Work a fun way to stitch regular or semi-regular areas like fields. This pattern from my enlarged German version of the Encylopedia of Needlework looks just like a field with young greens to me:

Canvas Work Field

Needless to say, I picked up some canvas wool and went to town:

Young Greens

What I’d probably do next time is to use different threads taken together instead of the tapestry wool I used for the green rows. The green rows are worked in fish-bone stitch, and the dark brown soil is tent stitch. Both are described in the above-linked Encyclopedia of Needlework.

For my next patch of garden, I did use different threads taken together. The squares are worked in Waffle Stitch, you can find a stitch diagram under the link.

For the first row I used two strands of Crewel Wool in light and dark green, and some variegated cotton embroidery floss in yellow-oranges.

Waffle Stitch - Row 1

After that one, I decided that taking only two strands of thread would give me plenty of coverage. So the second row uses just a variegated green cotton embroidery thread and a light pink crewel wool.

Waffle Stitch - Row 2

The third row is a bit more subdued, using a green wool and a variegated green perle cotton:

Waffle Stitch - Row 3

I finished things up with diagonal stitches over two threads in the same brown wool I used for the first piece:

Waffle Stitch - Finished

If you want to play with stitching pretty things that look like fields and gardens, I found a collection of lots of different stitches for canvas work. I’d love to see what you come up with!


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