Collecting Ideas

I definitely want this to be a place for collecting ideas for possible future projects – big or small ones, easy ones as well as ambitious ones. My thoughts on what’s next for this blog found themselves linked to from File770’s Pixelscroll today (point 2 at the link), and of course there’s already at least one great idea in the comment section, which I want to make sure to not lose.

Here’s the comment from Hampus Eckermann:

One idea I got yesterday was to do a giant dollhouse. With a cheap shelf, like IKEA Kallax, you get lots of 12″ * 12″ slots you could put anything in. It could be so many different kinds of craft in such a project. Possibly you could even carve holes for doors or stairs in the shelf to really connect everything.

It would be fun to see with the theme “Future Collective Living” or something.

Sounds like a fun idea, especially with the potential to involve many kinds of crafts!


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