The Yarnbomb@CoNZealand Gallery

Organized by Jan Bass and Monique Lubberink, CoNZealand had a lovely community craft project planned: Yarnbombing along the routes connecting the different venues in Wellington. I posted about this earlier this year. Then 2020 happened, and CoNZealand had to go virtual. The project pivoted to yarnbombing wherever the contributors lived and sending in pictures and/or video of the results. We certainly could do with a bit more colour in our lives this year!

We ended up with a lovely display of everybody’s contributions in the Virtual Exhibits Hall at CoNZealand. With the kind permission of the contributors involved, I’d like to share the fun with all of you. Click on the pictures to see a close-up and title!

I ended up being more involved with this project than I intended, and had loads of fun seeing everybody’s work! If you contributed to Yarnbomb@CoNZealand and would like to see your work included in this post, please contact me.


3 thoughts on “The Yarnbomb@CoNZealand Gallery

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  2. Tom Becker

    I was on CoNZealand Exhibits staff and working with yarnbombers was definitely a highlight. Thank you to all the yarnbombers for contributing your wonderfully creative, delightful work.

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