How to Contribute

So, you’re coming to Dublin in August and are wondering how you can help to make this project awesome? Here’s some things you can do:

  1. Make components for the model and bring them to Dublin. Head for the Crafts category for inspiration, or the subcategory for your preferred craft. I’d love to know about what you’ll bring beforehand, you can let me know by posting a comment on the appropriate post or using the contact form.
  2. Got some unloved leftover yarn or thread and a tiny bit of space in your suitcase? Use the colour guide to see what we’re looking for and bring it for you or others to use at the con. We’ll want to go heavy on the greens and neutrals and light on everything else.
  3. Do you have swatches from long-ago projects lying around that are the right colour to be part of the ground cover of a platform? Bring them and give them a new lease on life!
  4. Do you have experience in building models from cardboard and other stuff? I could use some engineering help in how to best put the platforms together and make this more than a pile of bits and pieces. Contact me if you can help with this.
  5. I’m also looking for more recipes for things to make in as many crafts as feasible. Do you have an idea, or have you seen something that would fit the bill on the internet? I’d love to hear from you and feature the idea.
  6. We also have a dedicated Ravelry group. If you’re on there, join us and share your projects!