List of Worldcon Craft Projects and Activities

This list aims to collect all the community craft projects and self-directed craft activities that have been offered by various Worldcons. The focus is on anything that’s been offered outside of formal workshops run by programme – spaces for people to keep their hands busy and create something in the middle of a busy con.

2020: CoNZealand – virtual Worldcon

2019: Dublin 2019 – An Irish Worldcon

2017: Worldcon75, Helsinki, Finnland

  • Chaos Costuming
  • Colouring book, available at-con and also sold as merchandise
  • Origami station
  • Make your own paper robot – anybody have pictures of those?
  • Hyperbolic crochet community project

2014: Loncon 3, London, UK

2005: Interaction, Glasgow, UK

  • Chaos Costuming

1995: Intersection, Glasgow, UK

  • Chaos Costuming