The Project

We’re going to build a model of a small part of a Raksura colony tree as described in Martha Wells’ Books of the Raksura. The idea is to take a small section of the stem of the big tree and to show it together with the platforms attached to it. The big tree is the backdrop, the platforms are where most of the action will be.

This project is aimed primarily at attending members of Dublin 2019 – an Irish Worldcon. We’re going to show off the wealth of fiber crafts alive today by creating something that’s interesting to make and put together as well as awesome to look at. I you’re interested in contributing something to the model, you can find out more on the How to Contribute – page. There will be opportunities to help out before Worldcon as well as a workshop space and guided workshops during the con.

The sample platform shows the beginning of how a platform could look like:

Samples showing the some of the different crafts possible.

The number of platforms we will have depends on the number of contributions – there shouldn’t be any piece of the platform itself visible when we’re finished. To have a consistent scale, the trees should top out at 25 cm / 10 inches of height at the most, and everything else should scale accordingly. The trees are assumed to be somewhat stunted due to not having that much soil to grow in on the platforms.

I want to include as many textile crafts as feasible – showing off the wealth of techniques that are available. I will post about different crafts and ideas on what to create with them in the Crafts category.